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April, 18
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"The House of Dreams" Book I

The first tandem book by boudika comics. Contains two chapters in one book. 

La Maison Bleue by Claudia Aguirre: Telling the adventures and misadventures of 5 tenants of the Blue House, where fantastic beings dwell and no one is ever alone. Their problems and adventures intermingle in diverse ways. From heroic dogs and monster-hunting children, to jobless depressive god-men, their lives change when they meet each other.

Sweet Despair by Eva Cabrera: Presenting 3 short stories with two elements very characteristic of the author: Drama and terror. Toads, Social network addiction and an angel who hopes for pain and despair.

Publisher:  Boudika Comics
Copyright: 2012
Language: English
Page Count:  100
Page Dimensions:  7" x 5"
Cover:  Soft Cover


"Daymares" Book II

Daymares is a book of auto conclusive stories created by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre, using every bit of their twisted imagination, talking dramatic and horror themes in the only way they know. Showing the evilness that exists within everything and everyone in a series of different contexts and the nightmares involving their characters, where every chapter translates from the ancestral times to a more modern era. When else would you believe that saving a bird’s life would take the light away, or that in the normal life of an office would appear an unimaginable creature!

Don’t forget to turn on the lights when you read this book, although, we can’t ensure that it will save you.


Publisher: Boudika Comics
Copyright: 2013
Language: English
Page Count: 100
Page Dimensions: 7.75" x 5.5"
Cover: Soft Cover





Born: December 14, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Lives: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon


Claudia is an independent sequential artist and illustrator who lives and dreams in a little corner of the earth, but nomad at heart. An avid reader, Loves kittens, monsters, fantastic universes and the wonders of small things.

Draws everything in a variety of styles and moods, from children’s illustration to epic fantasy and Sci-Fi, adventure and action. She has participated as an illustrator in numerous small apps and games for Playful interactive, Illustrated for YA books for Malinda Lo and published two books "La maison bleue" (2012) and "Malice is---" (2013) under the seal of Boudika Comics. She currently works full-time as a freelance artist.



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EVA CABRERA ★ The Monster
Born: January 4, Veracruz, Mexico
Lives: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon


Eva is an Illustrator and Sequential Artist. She has been involved in the middle of the Game industry as Art Director and artist for Mexican firms like Playful Play and Neggi Studio, developers of social games and mobile devices, thus bringing her work to events like Tokyo Game Show in Japan and GamesCom Germany.

She drew the graphic novel "Romeo and Juliet" with StoneArch Books and performed covers of "Adventure Time" and "Bravest Warriors" of Cartoon Network licenses for BOOM Studios!

In the latest years she has participated as an independent author with her project Boudika Comics Comics in Festo Comic, Mexico City, the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco and at Comic-Con International in San Diego and other personal publications.

Currently she lives somewhere in Nuevo León, Mexico preparing her evil plans to take over the world.


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